Anesthesia or Anesthetics

Anesthesiology, anesthesia or anesthetics is the medical speciality that focuses on perioperative medicine and the administration of anesthesia. Anesthesiology is the practice of medicine dedicated to the relief of pain and total care of the surgical patient before, during and after surgery.

One of the fundamental practices of anesthesiologists is that of general anesthesia in which a person is placed in a medical coma. This is performed to permit surgery without the individual responding to pain (analgesia) during surgery or remembering the surgery.

If general anesthesia is not necessary, then regional anesthesia can be performed to induce analgesia in a region of the body. For example, epidural administration of a local anesthetic is commonly performed on the mother during childbirth to reduce the pain while permitting the mother to be awake and active in labor and delivery (general anesthesia would not permit this).

Anesthesiologists often also undertake non-surgical pain relief and critical care management that includes working in an intensive care unit. They are often involved in the management of acute postoperative pain, as well as chronic and cancer pain; in cardiac and respiratory resuscitation; in blood transfusion therapies; and in respiratory therapy.

SJM Hospital provides several services in the area of anesthesiology, including outpatient, inpatient and emergency services. Anesthesiology is used in pre-operative, operative and post-operative care, as well as outside of surgical care in areas such as orthopedics, ENT, ophthalmology, gynecology and obstetrics, urology, pediatrics, gastroenterology, and oncology. Our doctors and clinical care staff are experienced and trained to treat clients with the utmost care.

Our anesthesiology services also provide treatment for chronic pain conditions such as lower back pain, arthritis, headache, neck pain, painful diabetic neuropathy, fibromyalgia, CRPS, chronic pelvic pain, post-trauma pain and genito-urinary pain.

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