Charges - General Terms

Important information. Please read carefully.

This is only a summary of charges and not the detailed and exhaustive list. Contact us to learn about the charges applicable to the service you need.

The charges listed below are excluding applicable taxes.

Outpatient consultation charges vary by type of service (general or private), doctor, speciality and time of service.

The hospital reserves the right to modify the charges without prior notice.

For inpatients, the charge for a service varies by the type of accommodation (general, semi-private, private).

The accommodation charges listed below are for bed, nursing and food only. Additional services will be charged extra.

The charges applicable to visiting doctors' private patients will differ from the regular charges listed below.

Charges and Offers

General Services

Current Offers

Free consultation for economically underprivileged pregnant women on 9th of every month.

Free fertility evaluation on 15th of every month.

Free ophthalmic (eye) testing on Tuesdays and Fridays (10 am to 2 pm).

Regular Charges

Outpatient Consultation


Inpatient Accommodation

Rs 1,500 - 5,500/day

Inpatient Doctor Visit

Rs 300 - 600/visit

ICU Accommodation

Starting Rs 7,000/day

Health Checks

Learn about our health check plans here.

Regular Charges

General L1

Rs 650

General L2

Rs 800

General L3

Rs 1,100

General L4

Rs 1,250


Rs 1,000


Rs 2,100

Cancer Screening (M)

Rs 800

Cancer Screening (F)

Rs 2,000

Heart L1

Rs 3,500

Heart L2

Rs 5,500


Rs 2,000

Asthma & Allergy

Rs 3,000

Advanced L1

Rs 3,500

Advanced L2

Rs 4,500

Advanced L3

Rs 6,500

Advanced L4

Rs 9,000

Women L1

Rs 3,500

Women L2

Rs 4,800

Women L3

Rs 6,500

Women L4

Rs 9,200

IVF Services

Current Offers

First IVF consultation free.

Regular Charges

IUI Procedure

Rs 10,000

IVF Procedure

Rs 50,000

IVF Drugs

Approx Rs 60,000 - 80,000

Blastocyst Culture
& Transfer

Rs 15,000

ICSI Procedure

Rs 50,000

ICSI Drugs

Approx Rs 60,000 - 80,000

Embryo Preservation

Rs 25,000 + 5,000/yr

Frozen Embryo Transfer

Rs 25,000

TESA Procedure

Rs 15,000

Sperm Preservation

Rs 5,000/yr

Donor Sperm

Rs 10,000

Donor Egg

Rs 35,000

Donor Embryo

Rs 45,000